Something From Me To You

The sight of Tom DeLonge playing an acoustic guitar in the rain on the "There Is" video of Boxcar Racer somehow got me caught into a frenzy where I imagine myself in the same situation where I'll be singing a song in the rain to my girlfriend and so I ended up spending the night playing the chords C-G-Am-F in my Kramer electric guitar which eventually evolved in to the song that it is now.

Nevermind the bad times

That we've gone through

It's all in the past

Let's just make the best

Of the blue skies

And the bright sun

Shining right above our heads

Your hands clingging to my arms

I'm so happy I could die

Because you're here by my side

And I know you're confused

At this moment in time

But I guess the world

Could get cruel sometimes

So just lean on me

And I'll give you that nudge

Don't you know that I find you sexy

In a Meg Ryan kind of way

And the way that we talk

Reminds me of You've Got Mail

Where I'll be Joe Fox

And you will be Kathleen Kelly

And I'll find you in your wizard hat

With a wand in your hand

Reading Jules Verne

To the kids on the floor mat

Down at your place

Called The Shop Around The Corner

That's where I'll see you

With your smile that embedded in my heart

Oh don't you know that

I was lonely as well

But you came and I fell

In love with you

And all that you do

The sight of you

Pulls me into the blue

That's where I'll call out your name

On the top of my lungs

As I stand here drenced in the rain

Starring at the cracks of ligtning

Thal illuminate the dark night sky

Like Chinese fireworks on New Year's Eve

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