Change Is Good...

Yesterday I got the chance to watch the Hey...Arnold! Movie with my nephew Arno on HBO its basically about Anold from the Nicktoon Hey Arnold! A fourth grader and his best friend Gerald as they set out to stop an industrialist from bulldozing their town. The movie is sort of interesting by the way but what really got stuck in my mind was this eerie post-apocaliptic scene there where Mr. Scheck's (the industrialist who's intent was to bulldoze Arnonld town) face is projected on huge viewscreen strategically place atop an old apartment bulding monotonously saying "change is good." ala-Big Brother from Geroge Orwell's 1984. Too bad I can't find an image of that scene on the net, anyways the question is what does that have to do with my blog?

The answer I guess is that over the course of last Friday and earlier this day lots of changes have been put up on my blog, for starters I've finally got my links portion posted and just this morning I've already finished posting and organizing all the links I've had in hand. Another is that earlier this day I've also finished activating my bravenet account so that I could generate this blog a free guestbook and hit-counter and I've already finished annoying everyone I know who's got an e-mail regarding the changes set on this site. And now I ask all of you who are reading this would you agree with Mr. Scheck's assertion that 'change is good'? If you ask me honestly I don't know, but if it would mean that the change is for the better I guess only time could tell if 'change is good'. By the way please do feel free to visit the links below as well as take the time to sign my guestbook. Thanks. God bless you all.

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