What on Earth is M35B Anyway?

M35B has been around for quite a while now and I am not sure how many of you are wondering what it is about.

For starters it is an address, you see this is the address of our house down on Teacher's Village where I experienced many of the fondest moments in my life, it is Malingap Street, 35-B the place where I grew up and shared my life with the people I grew up with. Where I have seen my brothers one by one leave the house to part ways and establish families of their own. Where I played with my nephew, (Gato and now Arno, Ciro, Gabriel, Julian and Linus), my niece Lea Grace, my dog (Odie) and occasionally my cousins, (Kuya Joey and Ate Yayi.) The place where in the idea of forming a band came into order, when I first learned my first chord progression of guitar chords. Where I've had countless conversations about anything and everything with my father. Where spent the afternoon with my mother picking fleas from our dog's infested back. When I first received that life-changing phone from Jeanie and most importantly where I prayed to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

M35B is also a relic, in the sense that it is merely a venue for the comings and goings of events that have in their own way contributed to the person that I am today. And to think that there are people in my family who are quietly scheming to sell this 'priceless' relic for money makes me shudder enough to write these lines from The Little Prince, all over my room:

"Whether it's a house, the stars or the dessert; what makes their beauty is invisible."

As a silent sign of protest to what might happen to such a rich treasure of memories that could only be found here in the heart of M35B. And that this blog was subliminally birthed out of the fact that the beautiful blue apartment in front of our house is has now been demolished and that it is my perpetual wish to spend my dying days in this richly laden box of joys and pains.

Another is that it is a band aptly called M35B which was basically the name thought off since it is the greatest common denominator for the music that I have come to play with Laixander Naguit, Cedric Buenviaje and Jarme Mondragon. It is the band that was to play the soundtrack of our lives and the anthem of our anxieties during our phase nihilistic teenage rebellion.

And lastly M35B is about me manifesting my hopes struggles and victories in this miniscule space in the World Wide Web, screaming at the nothingness and pondering the meaning of life in light of Biblical scripture, practical experiences, and cultural preferences.

It is my personal Book of Eccleciastes where I would start out with the pondering of the meaningless of it all and where I would end it with the exhortation to, "remember our Creator in the days of our youth." So as to voice out a positive statement to live our lives fully in light of God's grace and gift of salvation but also of encouragement to make something out of our lives while we still can because truly life is for us to live.

So if I were to ask you what M35B means to you I guess you'd better hasten my tongue and ask yourself whether you still find time to look into your own personal M35B.

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