Foreign Intervention In Iraq Takes Its Toll on The RP

I didn't post anything yesterday since I thought it was best if I'd leave my birthday greetings to Gato alone for the moment so that there won't be any distractions. By the way I'm also glad that my niece Lorie visited this blog and has already signed my guestbook. Another is that I just submitted this and Pinay Blood Rush to the Philippine Blog Awards and I hope they'd find consideration to this site. On a more serious note I've reserved a greater portion of this post for current tragedy that has happened here in the Philippines, please read on...

One of these days we knew it was coming but we were just too stubborn to consider the possibility.

Yesterday, pan-Arabic television station, Al-Jazeera broadcasted the image of one of our greatest fears.

Angelo de la Cruz, a truck driver for a Saudi Arabian company was abducted in Fallujah after his convoy was attacked by a group of insurgents.

The broadcast shows de la Cruz in an orange shirt as presented by three masked and heavily armed militants. The militants demand of the withdrawal of Filipino troops in Iraq, and has give the Philippine government to withdraw its 50 man 'humanitarian' envoy on Iraq.

Up to this moment no one knows the fate that awaits de la Cruz, but one thing is certain. For its consistent lap-dog response to US Imperialism the newly re-established Macapagal-Arroyo administration will once again seek out help Westward to the direction their yankee masters.

It's not really difficult to comprehend that such an event was already sealed to its fate, eversince the Philippines joined the so-called 'Coalition of the Willing', (i.e. US Pupet Allies). Which has since then gone under fire from all fronts for supporting such an unjust war since it goes under the pretext of waging a war to respond to the USA's alleged discovery that Iraq harbors 'weapons of mass destruction'. Needless to say it was merely an act of agression since it goes under the reasoning of waging a war as means to prevent Iraq from utilizing its nuclear capabilities. So then again its merely a war agression. In other words the war is merely a ploy of the US to 'shock and awe' us of their capabilities to dispose of any regime that does not adhere to their notion of "democracy." Its not about a just cause its about American bullying rights. And no matter how we look at it a preemptive war is still war and the sickening thought about it is that preemptive wars are basically just the same as an act of

terrorism, which is no different from what happened in 911.

It is not surprising that there is such a growing opposition against foriegn pressnce in Iraq even after they have disposed of Saddam, since almost every country that maintains their ties with the United States have been constantly scouring Iraqi soils to look for business opportunities and such is true for the Philippines, in fact you'd be surprised of how long the lines are at the Overseas Employment Offices, for Filipino's trying out their luck on landing a job anywhere outside of our country, and what's even more surprising is that our own government really does give its all out support in their endeavor. I guess they'd rather have our human resources be exploited by others rather than keep them here to strenghthen our domestic economy. They'd rather have them give them dollars, than keep them in their talents for our own country's use.

But who can blame those who want to land jobs elsewhere on the world. With the onslought of neo-liberal globalization on 3rd world countries, anywhere but here in the Philippines would seem like greener pastures anyway. What do we have here anyway? Job security is a very far flung dream for many since the Herrera Law was sanctioned to favor contractualization among companies. The cost of local utilities continue to rise and the prices of fossil fuel continue to become a burden for everyone, making the cost of living here financially intollerable. So the best way to be done with all these problems is simply to just leave this country and hand ourselves to our foreign masters. As the popular saying goes "if you can't beat them join them."

Don't get me wrong I don't blame people for finding jobs outside the country, but what I'm driving at is the fact that if we really would like to make our country better we better give it all by working here despite the low compensation since this is still our country.

Now going back to the capture of Angelo de la Cruz, its sad to say that such would happen to our fellow Filipino, but to think about it is not enough and whatever might transpire in the coming days is regretable, but what would be more regretable is that if ever such a thing might happen again, take not that this has been the second time that a Filipino has been taken captive by Iraqi militants, and take note also that already a handful of Filipinos working there have died due to the violence errupting there.

To merely feel sympathize with the plight of Angelo de la Cruz would mean to simply seat on the sidelines and continue to live our lives apathetically in tolerance to the reality that the event of dela cruz's capture is the by product of our government's support for the USA's imperialist interests and that like other countries in alliance with the US our government is also just there to simply milk the resources of Iraq at the expense of its people. And it is really questionable as to why our country still sides with such imperialists despite the recent discovery of human rights attrocities and widespread torture conducted by its troops. If you sympathize with Angelo Dela Cruz's plight or if you are against the continued pressence of US and Filipino troops in Iraq let your voice be heard, to shut up is to agree with the injustices presented. Do something you need not be part of a political movement it is your initiative let the truth be known, let not the shadow of apathy continue to cover our thougts.

And lastly is to pray for the safety of Anelo dela Cruz and for the peaceful resolve of this conflict. Lastly pray for lasting peace and a change of ideas among countries since present conflicts are merely brought about by the prevailing economic interests of every country to improve its economic stability.

Let not your mind be covered with the dark shade of ignorance, if you do not favor the continued pressence of our troops there or if you do not favor the advancement our the US and Philippine economy at the expense of the Iraqi people speak up let your voice be heard.


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