Again mainstream media has fallen prey to the trap of misinformation, broadcasted.

Such was the case when 10 pm of July 10, 2004 the ANC reported live that Angelo Dela Cruz was already on his way to a hotel room after being released by the militants that captured him. But then again its just to darn good to be true, that its spell of disinforming the warring public has even afflicted major broadsheets except for Today.

I just arrived home at around 11 PM when the news of the 'apparent' release of Dela Cruz was broadcasted live by ANC as a breaking news, and after hearing the said report I was glad because I have been proven wrong in lacking faith in the government to resolve this crisis but dissapointment came when I got home on the following Sunday of July 12, apparently the supposed relative of Dela Cruz who got the alleged call from President GMA was unverified and in fact false, and that the present state of Dela Cruz was still unkown to the government and that the only success reached since Friday was that the deadline to pull out the troops were extended for another day, but as of this moment I am still in a haze of heresay since I've yet to know the outcome of this crisis since I've no access to the television.

But still I'd like to express again my dissapointment on the media for its lack of competence in carrying out the task of reporting their so-called breaking news and for giving false hope and assurance to those that care for the plight of Dela Cruz.

And again I'd also like to express such disgust over the present administration's reactionary response to the present plight of Dela Cruz under the hands of those who presently have custody of him.

We must understand that for whatever reason it may be the government still stands proud to be hand-in-hand with the USA on their supposed war against terror, but the sad thing is that we as a 3rd world country is also being an imperialist in itself by milking out the absence of Saddam by bringing our corporate contractors to monopolize on the task of nation building and for encouraging our citizens to go there to work.

Let the task of nation building be in the hands of the Iraqi citizens and moreover let those work be given to the deprived Iraqi people.

Lastly we must understand that our voice of opposition of such interests perpetrated by the US and its allies, must be heard and that we must come to recognize the fact that US hegemony does not translate to democracy, the whole idea of foreign pressence in Iraqi soil is immoral and is in violation of a whole lot of treaties, international laws and agreements that have been legislated in the context of the post-cold war global spectrum and such actions merely promote injustice which violate human and devine law.

Continue to contend with the struggle against imperialism in all its forms.

Unite-Resist-Refuse US/RP Bullying Rights Over Iraq.

Boycott yellow journalism in all its forms.

Contend for the people's right for journalistic integrity from the corporate media.


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