There's Really Something Rotten About Rotten.Com

Tasteless jokes could be quite offensive. If you don't believe me then try going to this link, and see for yourself whether its funny or not.

I don't know about you people but I really think that there's something wrong about the stuff that abounds on the web today.

I cannot fully comprehend how some sites, specifically are allowed to propagate such slanderous statements against anyone who ever dared to stand up for making the world better. More over it also gives veneration to such tastelessness, so as to reserve numerous portions of their site for the sick art of making someone else's tragedy as a source of one amusement.

And it has recently come to my attention that the biography section has been spreading lies and slanderous statements against a lot of people, and thoughtlessly hurling insults at a lot of prominent people not because of the evils that those people have done but because of the controversy that the actions of such people have stirred.

The list covers wide number of people from Popes, piliticians, revolutionaries, serial killers, pornographers, televangelists and even deities.

I won't even touch their entries on the other portions but instead I'd merely concentrate on the site's item on religion where it makes fun of almost every organized system of faith and has subjectively given us the impression that belief in a God is irrational and fanatical.

Just imagine how they'd deal with the idea that they do not even examine the context of their hearsays nor do they try to focus on the theological constructs of doctrines that the religions they're making fun of, nor do they even backup their argument of the inconsistencies about the Gospel accounts of the Bible with a critisism of the Biblical contents of their supposed arguements, I know this was meant to be fun for some but the sad truth is that fun is also relative to the object of who you are making fun off, I am a Christian and I must admit that I feel sick of all the references that this site has used for Jesus and of how their apparent counter-thesis against Christianity wouldn't even amount to merit in answering the question that why is Christianity still here if it were a lie (one could argue that such is the same with Communism, but the sad thing about it is that Communism has indeed change the world in its image but so did Nazism but did it outlast Christianity? the same goes with every other existing ideological systems and fads not to mention the idea that in almost every country there is a thriving community of Christians whether it be under persecution); and why would there be countless Christian martyrs in its 2 thousand years of existence; nor do they counter the reality of the changed lives that have been touched by the Gospel of Jesus' death and ressurection on the cross.

One could also see that such statements also has no substantial proof of Scripture to point out their supposed inconsistencies and that they never even bothered to study religous contest with their argument of Judaism's misinterpretation of the prophesied messiah.

But despite all of that we still merely conclude that maybe they do not know of that maybe they just lack knowledge but still I find it insufficient because those people have the knowledge of typing html codes that eventually turn out into the complex site that they have now, but why is it then so that they could not even try of attempt to verify their illogical juxtapozing of Christianity at the very least convincing to the intellect?

Another thing that makes me very dissapointed with the site is the fact that it blasphemes and 'name-calls' Jesus and it deviates His deity and humanity by lining Him up to the same level of Anton LaVey, Alister Crowley  and David Koresh.

So what are we as Christians to do of such sites?

Simple have nothing to do with it. (2 Cor. 6:13)

That's really the very reason why I wrote this because we need to understand that as Christians it is our equal responsibility to live our lives in reverence to the God that we worship and that we are no longer part of this world that thrives on malice and controversies.

Let us examine the things that we see on the net on the basis of this questions:

Does this speak of my identity as a Christian?

Does this glorify God?

Does this edify the Church and does this encourage me in continuing in the faith?

To end it like us all to keep in mind that as Christians we are supposed to shed light on the darkness and on the context of this is on the abundance of sham on the Internet, make it your goal to use your time on the Net as a means to spread your Christian testimony to the secular society of the world wide web.

Fight the good fight of the faith.1 Timothy 4:12

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