You Know Its A Filipino Flick When...

I was kind of wondering since I grew up in the 80s and all I'd just like to give you some of the observations that I've seen from old-school Filipino movies the observations by themselves are still quite limited please do find time to add your own obesrvations, read on...

You'll definitely know if its a Filipino movie if it has:

A song and dance number where the lead character sings ala-Sound of Music in places like Luneta Park, Balara and Parks & Wildlife. (e.g. Maricel Soriano's Diyaryo Bote Garapa and Chichay's Lola Basyang)

IF there is a part where its characters stumble unto a haunted house filled with ghoulies thay look more comedic than scary. (e.g. Any Tito, Vic and Joey Movie.)

If there is a scene where the love team runs towards each other with the sunset as their background thus making their silhouttes appear ala-Voltes 5 on the end part where the Armstrong borthers run towards their father. (e.g. Any Gretchen Barreto movie or any Tina Paner and Chris Villanueva love team movie.)

If there is is dramatic scene where the action brings a bag of pancit to his street children friends, take note of the pancit placed in a brown paper bag. (e.g. any Ace Vergel and old-school Robin Padilla flick.)

If ever the action star always wear a leather jacket, just remember that this can only be seen in the Philippines. (e.g. Any Bong Revilla flick)

If the movie has a gay comic relief character namely Roderick Paulate, its definitely a pinoy movie. (e.g. Petrang Kabayo)

If the big villain boss of the movie calls his goons "mga bata".

Don't forget the profound dialogs also. (e.g."Hindi ako kumakain ng Bigas sinasaing ko muna.")

In case you're wondering who is the gratest pinoy actor of all time there can be only one answer...Bomber Moran. check any flick that has a

hoodlum you'll definitely spot him on the movie.

But the gratest signature of a filipino flick is the idea that every protagonist in its movie tries his or her luck in politics, and funny thing about it is that they win.

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