Knowing That You Were Held At Gunpoint

Imagine yourself at gunpoint and you were asked an either or question and with the right you'd be given a second chance at life or if ever you answer wrong you'd have your skull blown to bits. Think about it really I mean it would really be easy if the questions merely go as follows:

Better Snack Company

Jack & Jill or Granny Goose: Granny Goose

Better Local Chocolate CompanySergs or Goya: Sergs

Better M&Ms ripoff

Moonbits or Nips: Moonbits

Better Livelihood TV Program

Ating Alamin or Negosyete: Ating Alamin

Better Local Horror Show

Regal Shocker or Pinoy Thriller: Pinoy Thriller

Better Teen Vareity Show

AngTV or That's Entertainment: That's Entertainment

Better Showbiz Talkshow Host (Famale)

Ate Luds or Christy Fermin: Ate Luds

Better Showbiz Talkshow Host (Male)

Nap Gutierez or Boy Abunda: Nap Gutierez

Better Child Superstar

Niño Mulach or Billy Joe Crawford: Niño Mulach

Better Teen Click

The Bagets or The Guwapings: Bagets

Better Pre-Buble Gang Gag Show

Todas or Mixed Nuts: Todas

Better Weather Man

Amado Pineda or Ernie Baron: Amado Pineda

Better Pinoy Stud

George Estregan or Vic Vargas: George Estregan

Better All Around Trio

Tito, Vic & Joey or Apo Hiking Society: Apo Hiking Society

Better Fringe Comedian

Redford White or Dyords Javier: Dyords Javier

Better Rapper/Comedian

Michael V or Andrew E: Michael V

Better Elementary School Equipment

Coleman or Stroller: Coleman

Better School Equipment

Binder or Backpack: Backpack

Better Dramatic Actress

Julie Vega or Judy Ann Santos: Julie Vega

Better Dinosaur Oriented TV Show

Denver The Last Dinosaur or Barney: Denver The Last Dinosaur

Better Lactobacilus Drink

Yakult or Lactovitale: Yakult

Better Funny Komiks Wise Crack

Niknok or Eklok: Niknok

Better Funny Komiks Animal Super-Hero

Super Dog or Super Cat: Super Dog

Better Pinoy Comedy Comic Strip

Planet Opdi Eyps or My Little Pupong: Planet Opdi Eyps

Better Lapid Actor

Lito or Jess Lapid: Jess Lapid

Better Ogre Anti-Hero

Ben David or Bomber Moran: Bomber Moran

Better Old Nagging Lola

Delia Atay Atayan or Chichay: Chichay

Better Old Always-On-The-Brink-Of-Death-Martyr-Lola

Rosa Rosal or Mary Walter: Mary Walter

Better Character in Cafeteria Aroma

Miñong or Apeng Daldal: Miñong

Better Barkada Oriented Action-Adventure Flick

Spirit Wariors or Ninja Kids: Ninja Kids

Better Slapstick Sidekick Of A 2nd Rate Comedian

Kuhol or Bentong: Kuhol

Better Lead Henchman Of A Pinoy Action Movie Big Boss

Ruel Bernal or Rez Cortez: Ruel Bernal

Better Big Bird Copy From Batibot

Pong Pagong or Koko Kwikwak: Pong Pagong

Better Alejar Actor

Jojo or Toby Alejar: Jojo Alejar

Better Friday 7:00 PM CArtoon

The Real Ghostbusters or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Real Ghostbusters

Better Japanese Sci-Fi Comic Relief

Dr. Ang of Shaider or Peebo of Bioman: Doctor Ang

Better Encarnation Of The Guy Who Floats Inside A Pyramid In Maskman

Director of Maskman or Tani of Takeshi's Castle: Director of Maskman

Better Medicinal Sulfur Soap

Doctor Koffman or Doctor Wong: Doctor Koffman

Better Flashback Thememed Drama Show

Malaala Mo Kaya or Balintataw: Balintataw

Better Youth Oriented GMRC-Integrating Show

Yan Ang Bata or Chikiting Patrol: Yan Ang Bata

Better Film Feature Shown On Sunday Nights

Sunday's Big Event or Million Dollar Movies: Sunday's Big Event

Better Filipino Chinese Actor That Had A Career In Showbiz Way Back In 1992

Rudolph Yap Ching Sai or Chinky Tan: Chinky Tan

Better Filipino Comic Book

Funny Komiks or Culture Crash: Funny Komiks

Better WWF Wrestler

Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior: Ultimate Warrior

Better Encarnation Of The Famous Wrestling Federation


Better Encarnation Of David Hasslehof

David Hasslehof Knightrider or David Hasslehof Baywatch: David Hasslehof Knightrider

Better Fighting-Helicopter Oriented Action Series

Air Wolf or Blue Thunder: Air Wolf

Better Alien-Themed ET Rip-Off

Wolly Bully or Kokey: Kokey

Better Fernando Poe Junior Sidekick

Berting Labra or Dencio Padilla: Berting Labra

Better Show That Showcases The Old Movies Of A Specific Actor

FPJ sa GMA or Idol Ko Si Pidol: Idol Ko Si Pidol

Better Movie Trailer Oriented Show

Movies To Watch or The Top 10 Best Movie Trailers Of The Week: Movies To Watch

Better Pre-Star City, Pre-Enchanted Kingdom Christmas Carnival

Payanig Sa Pasig or Big Bang Sa Alabang: Payanig Sa Pasig

Better Saturday Morning Children's Vareity Show That Shows A Lot Of Fancy Toys That You Could Never Have

Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club or Pen Pen De Sara Pen: Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club

Have you read the questions above and my answers?

Now take that for example that such questions were the ones asked to me by the one holding me at gunpoint though it may appear silly or funny the thing is how sure am I that such answers could also mean false and would mean the consequence of me getting myself killed if looked at the perspective of the person pointing a gun at me. What then?

I suppose you're asking what am I trying to point at here, my point is that for so little effort we chose to take our freewill that much forgranted that we don't really take the time to think out our options and our stand with important issues in our lives. Issues that curtail towards where we would be spending eternity or how we'd live life to our fullest potentials.

A while ago I was talking to someone with regards to accepting God into their lives and I was told that he'd have to think it out first, so I said okay in fact it was such a wise decision but sad to say the whole issue of receiving salvation is not about getting to check out our options and like being held at gunpoint same is our situation now, in fact we've already been held at gunpoint by sin eversince the fall and its just a matter of time before the trigger is pulled, but now comes the escape we're asked with the question of do you need Jesus in your life? Well the obvious answer is yes, but it is a sad fact that some people are so complacent of the fact that they'd rather put logic and intellect above all else before sticking to the natural instinct of survival which is basically to say "yes".

Indeed its just a simple yes or no question there are no eithers, ifs, buts, maybes and all those other statements of playing safe, remember that the Bible says simply to believe in our hearts that Jesus is Lord and that salvation is a gift and what does one do to receive a gift, basically they just need to accept it, now how does the 'believe in your heart'statement fit in to accepting simple its just simply the act of saying yes and meaning it, to cut it short its about putting our faith in the redeeming work of God.

Another is that the gun as already pointed and its just a matter of time before it is shot, now I'd also like to ask is not time considered intangible?

Intangible means it cannot be restored once lost it is already lost now how would one respond to such a question with the answer of thinking it out first when in fact the one holding you at gunpoint is already losing his/her patience and demands a straight forward right away.

And now I ask, suppose I there is a gunman asking you the question do you accept Jesus in your life?

Would you answer a simple yes just as I have answered the following either or questions that I've written above?

By the way please bear in mind that Christ isn't really an option He's a neccessity.

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