Nothing Much

As some of you may have noticed this blog has been quite inactive for the past few days mainly for the reason that I really don't have that much to say, since there really is nothing much happening in my life, and eventhough I am right now as always have been regenerated in both the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life for the past weekend I am not quite in the spirits to share the weekend because as you may have noticed in has sort of become so routine-like for me to post of how happy I am for the weekend, and it is safe to say that yes indeed I have been again energized by the weekend among other things.

By the way here's something worth sharing about my nephew Arno, just yesterday he's already on the start of writing his novel though he's only 7 years old, another is that my seatmate here in the office Millette has bid her farewell to this office, effective last Friday which led me to missing the Friday YOF service where instead I found myself at Racks just beside the building where I am working, well anyways that's jsut some of the notable things that have happened in the weekend.

Another reason why I am posting here right now is for the reason that I am presently planning on writing my own literary and graphic portfolio which I will be linking as a separate webpage on this blog but the thing is that I haven't gone to starting the process yet but rest assured that in the coming days I'll see to it that it'll come to completion. So you may be asking why am I planning on doing such, well nothing much really but it is also bourne out of a frustration that I really want people to read or take the time to hear or better yet read whatever it is that I regard as something that are of value for me.

Lasatly I got into a talk with Laix last Saturday where we're both exploring the probabilities of starting a new band out of the ashes of Life Is Trying though still in its planning stages we're hoping for God's guidance that we'll both have the right intentions in forming the band and that reason mainly is for the advancement of our faith to people out there another is that we've also sort of handpicked already the people that we're eying for the band but still we're still considering the fact that this would require a lot of time and devotion for such a collective effort and as of now we've still haven't found the time to work out its kinks, but hopefully it'll work out in due time.

By the way maybe by now you've discovered the Blogger search bar above the blog which I think is very usefull since it enables the user/visitor to search for particular keywords within the blog, which kind of in a way makes me think that the google search bar that I have here may in its own right be rendered useless, but I guess only time would tell, and the other cool thing about this bar is the fact that it allows the user to post instantlly. Well anyways this is all the time that I have for blogging right, gotta get back to work. Thanks for the read.

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