Its really an amazing thing to have the assurance that at the end of the week there's always this day called Saturday and Sunday where you could get away from the tantric frustration and weeklong pressure of the daily routine that have entagled us during the previous weekday.

Such a time was Saturday, one the is simply because of the fact that at the very least I could wake up later than my usual since I don't have to go to work, as well as the very fact that I could get to spend a little extra time with my family and friends.

Last Saturday was sort of the usual I woke up very late since I was really tired the night before because I got home sort of late due to the long pizza conversation-cum-dinner I had with Aga, Jeanie and her disciples. I believe it was almost eleven in the morning when I finally decided to get up, partly because of the call that I got from Kuya Benjie informing me that I am the one who's supposed to be playing bass guitar at church on Sunday, but nevertheless I decidied to get up.

As I was sipping my coffee I was informed by my Kuya Louie that we'll be going out for lunch later and so we did along with my parents, Kuya Louie, his wife and my Ate Susie and Kuya Alber her husband where they decided to have our meal at this restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue, called Tree House, whereupon entering the door I happened to see an aquaintance from back in the days of where I still sing for Life Is Trying, the dude's name is Jay and he was one of the bass players that I have met in years he used to play for this Slayer cover band called Bhakti, that was before he got too deeply engrossed in student activism as a member of this peasant organizing youth collective, but based on my knowledge he's now a member of the ANAKPAWIS National Secretariat.

Anyways we were able to partake of a meal that comprises of I believe 5 dishes. And I must say that I truly did enjoy the Sisig and the Crisppy Pata, and later on we had deserts our at McDonalds.

When we arrived home I got the chance to watch the first half of Anaconda with my nephews Arno, Ciro and Gabriel. And later on I met up with Laix at National Bookstore Cubao to go to our weekly youth worship service, and while we were at the bus we got to talk about the stuff that he's presently reading about in the Bible particularly at this story in the Book of Genesis, which at that time talked about Deutoronomy 34.

Later on that afternoon we got to have coffee and got the chance to eat for free at this art exhibit that was serving food for those who arev viewing the launching of this new gallery.

Later that night while I was on my way to leave for my practive at church and Laix also decided that he'd stick around for the practive and so he did and while we were on our way we got into a conversation that I got really encourage by the stuff he's telling me about concerning how God is presently working in his life which was something that really made an impact in me and as well as made me realize how really cool it is that one of my best friends since high school has found a newfound purpose for his life abiding in God's Will. Come to think of it that was really cool since I before when we just met one of the things that really brought us together is simply the fact that we both like to listen to punk rock and we were both jaded by our friends that live in the 'normal' teenage world, but now this is something different because the foundation of our friendship is based on the eternal fact that we are now brethren in the faith.

A strong downpout of rain drenched outside while I was still practicing at church.

So as it turned out we Laix decided that he'd spend the night at our house. Later that night as I would engage in my regular phone conversation with Jeanie I learneed that one of his burdens at school this particular atheist student of hers has finally decided to give Christianity a chance in his life, which was then again another encouragement and another demostration of God's power at work in our lives.

The following morning I got to church just in time for the praise and worship portion where we'll be playing. And later at that selfsame service I was so blessed with the message that our pastor delivered concerning an exposition at the verse Romans 8:28.

Come the afternoon I also spent a good portion of in having quality time with Jeanie and her sister at their house and later on Greenhills and on SM Centerpoint where to my surprise I got myself infected with a bad cold that has left my nose running up to now, and as I arrived home later I got to see my Kuya Peddie and his family who's visited us and I was also able to have a long nap which I really looked forward to during the morning, and as I woke up I got to finish my laundry and take a leisurly bath as well as catch this cool episode of Justice League in Cartoon Network wherein Arkis Chamuk and Galius Sed of the Green Lantern Corps died at the hands of Despero and again got myself into bed where I woke up just this 8 in the morning and led me into writing this piece that you are reading right now.

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