I'm not quite sure what this post is about...

I'm not quite sure why I am like this.

I have a communication degree under my belt, but the darn thing about it is that it seems as though I am better at slipping out of conversations rather that getting into one.

This has been a constant plague for me over the years.

I know that I am not really that much of a silent guy in fact if you'd ask my friends they'd definitely say that I talk to often maybe the thing is that I am really quite selective at the conversations that I get into.

I am not at all into measly talks about what's already seen on contemporary television or on national issues (not unless its looked at in an ideological vantage point) nor am I that concerned with fashion, stars and the like.

That makes me an elitist I guess.

But I cannot help it though I know I ought to change that.

Maybe it will be dealt with in time.

Who knows maybe sooner or later.

But for the meantime I know a lot of people are looking for friendly ears to lend them their attention as they talk about their lives and for now I think I'll just be contented doing that.


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