I think its going to be called Pay It Forward

The demise of Life Is Trying is sort of now just a very distant memory that could be looked at my personal index of tragedies filed under 'tragic stories'.

Nevertheless it has been mended and healed by the course of time which God enabled each of us to be out of each others ways for quite sometime.

As for now that is just short of a distant memory that the rest of us would like to move on from.

Recently for almost a month now I as well as Laix, Mark and the sporadic appearances of both Regie and Cedric have already been doing our share of practicing at good ole Alberto's, for this new project which was as of that time not yet officially named.

We've been able to complete a new song and a new song writing session has already been kicked off a couple of months earlier between me and Laix at my house.

The remaining question now is that whether it should still be called Life Is Trying apparently Mark thought it best to keep the name. But the only problem is that the rest of us think that the name sucks and reflects the immaturity that we had during the time of our existence and it kind of reminds us of band names that ring similar to that of Simple PLan and A New Found Glory which no longer has such credence in the music that they make.

So what I did was type several tentative names in a Notepad file here on the office but sad to say it reaped names that are at best very pretentious and what happened was that this title of an old movie sort of came into my head while I was discussing a new name for a band with Laix while we're waiting for our train ride off to church and the name was Pay It Forward the same title that was of this movie which starred that kid from the Sixth Sense.

He liked it and a week later while we were rummaging through a stack of on sale VCDs in search of a copy of the movie Serendipity I suddenly came across this VCD of the movie Pay It Forward which sort of validates the christening of this new band name. Another is that the new name reflects our newfound stance on life and how it works and it specifically echoes the way we'd approach the issue of piracy if in any case we'd finally be able to record our music. We'd ask our listeners to simply record our stuff on a cassette or cd and give it to their friends/relatives or whatever so that they could pay us forward with how our music have touched their lives.

Right now we've been cut short of our rehersals but due to this sickness that I am still recovering from hopefully we'll be going back to full throttle with this band in the days to come.

For now I'll be contented with the name, which is already a big step towards whatever it is that we'll be facing as a band in the days to come.

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