an interview with myself

What's in your head now?

A: The name Encar Benedicto whom I believe is the host of this old children's show called Yan Ang Bata.

Isn't that a silly name for a girl?

A: I think so. But there's also a name for this 80s child actress named Bamba which I guess is sillier than Encar.

You were sick for a week so that means you've got a lot of TV time, so I guess you got to watch a lot of shows lately?

A: Not really. TV shows are boring nowadays they're too into that 'reality tv' thing that kind of clutters the airwaves right now. Plus I can no longer find my favorite shows like Knightrider, McGuyver, John & Marsha, Ang Manok Ni San Pedro and Perfect Strangers on air so that leaves me with just spending the rest of the time sleeping the whole day through. Or watching VCDs.

You mentioned VCDs. So what movie did you enjoy on your VCD player lately?

A: I would have to say. The Lord of the Rings minus the long dialougues that I fastforwarded (is there such a word?) because my nephew Arno said so and to quote him: "pangit kasi yung palabas pag-puro usapan lang dapat puro labanan." Which also was one of the most brilliant things that I've discovered in watching movies at home fasforward the boring dialougues and get on with the action scenes.

You said you like action scenes does this mean that you prefer an action movie over drama, comedies and other genres?

A: Actually no. I am really not that of a fan of action movies but I do enjoy blood, gore and senseless violence in movies especially when I am watching them at home because the house represents anything that is mundane and normal our house doesn't really offer me much with anything fun to do other than watch violent movies or play my guitar or listen to my mp3s (which as of press time is no longer an option because my PC died last Saturday.) And all too often when I am already sick and tired of playing my guitar I'd watch cheap B-movies with lots of senseless violence so that I'd get a good laugh at how impossible those things are. Sadly though its on very rare occassions that I get to see such movies on HBO, Cinemax and Star though at times there are some that you'd see on AXN (Anaconda) & Solar which has these cool movies from the 80s that has these zombies and stuff (I always look forward to watching The Refrigerator) which has this scene where this dude is killed by a portable Kodak fan and a trash basket. For the VCDs what we usually have at home are kiddie films like Nemo, and Land Before Time and the LOR Trilogy is the only one we have that has lots of action scenes. And skipping the dialougues even makes the movie more coherent and it still amounted to 6 hours even if I skipped the long dialogues.

You listen to mp3s you said as well as play guitars. So do you play your guitar while listening to your mp3s or are both activities done at different points in time?

A: At times I usually play my guitar to the tune of the mp3 that I'm listening to because its good practice for guitar playing. My favorite tunes are basslines of punk songs because I play bass which is easier rather than those chords that kind of tires me. Although there are times that I just play my guitar without tunes its usually done when I'm writing songs to a hum that Xander gives me.

So you're like a bass player of sorts so tell me have you ever played in a band?

A: You bet I did. I have been in a lot of bands since I started playing guitar in 1996. I presently play bass guitar for church which is cool because I learn a lot of new styles in playing bass and a greater reason which is to praise God.

So you must be a Christian?

A: Yes I am.

What kind?

A: a sinner that has been saved by grace when I chose to let God take control of my life.

Is it hard?

A: If you rely on yourself and your own strength too much yes its hard but if you depend on God it could be quite easy.

Do you skate?

A: I used to. But I never really got beyond than doing these running olies over gutters and curbs. Which incidentally also got me this injury a long time ago where I actually thought that I have broken my back. My nephew Gato skates and he's quite very good at it.

You come from PUP you must be a commie?

A: Not really. But I did stand on the same issues as the commies did at the time. But a commie not at all maybe an anarchist but who am I to say of all that. I am not political but I am concerned with where I stand on issues and on government policies. I am not as pragmatic as I used to be politically. I am more of a libertarian right now that a dogmatic party adherent. Revolutionary politics is not really an issue of carrying the right party line but rather a more rational ideological stand on issues.

So where do you stand on piracy?

A: I want to say that I am against it but everytime I get the chance to listen to what is being pirated I always come up with me being for piracy so that the music industry of Britney and all those other shallow corporate music giants would die. There's no sense in redeeming a music industry that spews out garbage. I at times hope that I'd have this band and we'll be releasing our records and we'd write a disclaimer for it stating that if ever the listener likes what they've heard they're free to pirate us.

Are you a punk?

A: I used to think and believe that I am. But everytime I see these new poser punk kids kind of makes me want to rather not be called a punk. Yes I am into DIY and all that stuff and I listen to punk music and can answer you with articulately intelligent answers pertaining to punk rock and its history but still sad to say a legit punk is someone who's been at that era when it was created and I am born 30 late. So I guess I am not a punk.

Have you ever been picked on by jocks at school?
A: I guess there would always be bullies and their preys and sad to say that I am on the latter. Yes I have been there are a lot of times where a lot of people have let me know how much of an un-'normal' kid I am when I was both in elementary, high school and in college. But I must say that when I see those people now and what they've become you'd really feel vindicated.

Do you like sports?

A: If there were a sport other than skateboarding that would demand less physical exertion then that would be it.

You talk a lot don't you?

A: Yes I do and its really one of the biggest mysteries of my persona that boggles people. Because I always give out this aura of my being this quite shy guy which is really just a facade that reflects the number of interesting conversations which I find rare. A lot of people are into talking about their clothes and how cool Alias or CSI or this new song by Simple Plan is. But that's of no interest to me. And that's the reason for me being silent I seldom do find people that I could talk to, but a very good thing though is that I've come to stumble upon my good friend Jeanie who's really into sharing deep profound conversations with me as well as others like my band mates and my fellow disciples like Aga and the rest.

Tell me about your love for comic books?

A: I love them so much that I wear and tear them a lot because of the amount of reading that I do to them. Which is apparently a mortal sin to those self-proclaimed comic collectors. Yes I'm into comics but not of those X-Men, Spawn vein which are too trashy and repetitive.

Aren't you supposed to be working?

A: Yes.

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