Sci-Fi Heroes Japanese Style

Does anyone still remember those old Japanese sci-fi shows (tha's sentai for you anime geeks) that used to appear on afternoons?

If anyone does I have a few questions for you.

  • Why does Peebo of Bioman seem flamboyant or even gay, I mean its quite impossible for robots to be gay right?


  • Why do super teams have to be color themed?


  • Why does Shaider ride his Bluehawk motorcycle standing?
  • Why are Pume Le-Ar's henchmen afraid of him he's just a big ugly head that sticking out of a wall?
  • Is Doctor Ang a zoophiliac since he fell in love with his pept Babsy?
  • Does anybody remember those cool formations of superteams before attacking their enemies?


  • Why does Ultraman and Magmaman fight ruber dinosaur toys that doesn't seem to move?


  • Does Annie change her underwear?


  • Did the Maskman team invent the double-star rubber band trick that was famous in our school when we are in grade 4?

Machine Man

  • Why does Machine Man wear a plastic table cloth for a cape?

Director, from Maskman

  • How does Director from Maskman fit himself into a pyramid (which I think he bought from Johnny Midnight, who used to ripoff people with his toning water scam)?
  • Why does Shaider wave a flourescent light for a sword?

    Why does it seem that there are only four violet trooper henchmen of Puma Le-Ar every fight sequence?
  • Why didn't the Maskman team kill Ukirampa everytime he'd ressurect the dead villain of the week into a giant beastie?
  • Doesn't Doctor Man and Madame Auring look alike?
  • Why does Machine Man drive his car facing the floor?

    Aren't the villains from such shows are the most gracious and union friendly employers since they do not fire their henchmen when they mess up a mission?
  • Isn't Director from Maskman Tanee from Takeshi's Casttle?

    Why does the members of the Bioman team stick out their bodies and stretch out their arms when they'd be riding that silly red police car like vehicle in the end?

Masked Rider Black

  • Is it Max Alvarado who played the role of Gorgon in Masked Rider Black?
  • Why does Annie play Galaxian in her fighter plain?

    Why do tricycles fly as fighter planes in Shaider?
  • Doesn't Mori from Cosider look like Dick Israel with a long hair?
  • Have you noticed that one of Shaider's bosses has a transparent Tupperware bowl in her head?
  • Why does Machine Man have to travel and drive his car and then convert it into a plane and then travel to Bicol (I guess) to fight his enemy that is standing right in front of him?
  • Isn't the name Micheal Joe silly?
  • Why does the Maskman team fire a minirature jet plane as a canon?


  • Do you stil remember the other insignificant Bioman Johny-COme-Latelies: Fiveman and Jetman?
  • Why did Americans ripoff such shows and make stupid versions of them like VR Troopers, Power Rangers, The Masked Rider, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna and Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters (that has a sentinent mucus for a leader)?



  • Does anybody care at all for the also ran Shaider ripoffs like Jiban, Janperson and Space Ranger?
  • Does Boknoy a baseball qualify as a reliable sidekick?

I know there are a lot more of those questions that remain unanswered. I mean those were just a few of my observations that I remembered only now since we were talking about it at work I know you also have yours so please feel free to share your observations.

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