something to lighten up the mood

Yesterday I was rummaging for a sheet of paper for a purpose I've already forgotten and I stumbled upon this piece that I wrote a couple of years back.

Expository on How Life Works

Sometimes it really hurts

When the complexities of everyday life

Eats the better part of our hearts

When hardships and
trials prevail

And everything around seems unfair

There is always that

That lingers in our souls

Just take a good look around you

Look at the sun and how it reflects its rays on your skin

Or how good the wind's breeze feels when it hits your face

I read it in a book once that a child's smile is God's reminder

That He hasn't given up on His
lost creation

And that alone should be a source of joy

Because we already have the knowledge that He loves us

There's no reason really to hide ourselves in gothic gloom

Think about the better days that have come and gone

Think about the times when you overheard an acquaintance

Say something nice about you to someone else

Remember the times you laughed so hard that your belly ached

Or how you didn't mind having a brainfreeze

Because the Slurpy's taste is worth it

Take the chance to think back at your fisrt day at school

As you reflect on how far you've gone now

Or how cute the puppies are even if they slobber their saliva on you

Or how you used to ride the shopping cart as a kid

When your mother did the groceries

There is this old saying that every dark cloud has a silver lining

That tomorrow is another day to make sense of the senseless

But most of all there is always this joy
that time will come

When pain is a thing of the past and sadness will cease to exist

For now just find time to count your blessings

And you'd be surprised with what you might discover

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