here are a couple of compositions that i guess would be worth reading in any case just feel free to comment...
Personal Doxology
You've set me apart. You rescued me. You gave me a new life. Kept me close to your heart. I'm saved by your grace. Bought by your blood. Can't help but be thankful. For all that you've done. You gave me a new song. To sing from the top of my lungs. You said in your word. That you'll never... Never let me go. I'm justified. I'm sanctified. I'm living a life to glorify. All the honor and glory. That you deserve.

New Found Sense Of Worth
I feel so lost. But now I'm found. Looking back at where we've been and from. What you did I cannot grasp. What is logical you put to shame. I think I kind of get it now. It's an act of love. That transcends human understanding. Your love is amazing. Selfless and everlasting. It's beyond. Anyone has ever given unto me. I can't help but want. To return the favor back to you my God. I can't help but want. To give my very all to you my God. Troubles still come along my way. But you're with me every single day. My human nature stumbles me. But you are there to break my fall. Seeing me through it all. Not letting go. Through the worse that this world might give us.

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