Become a part of the Greenpeace People's Power Camp

Hi friends,

I’m asking for a few minutes of your precious time to support this non-violent direct action that Greenpeace Southeast Asia is conducting this time.

At the moment there is an ongoing action inside a coal plant that’s under construction, in Rayong, Thailand.

Volunteer Greenpeace, climbers have climbed onto the pylons situated inside the
said, plant, to hang banners and to write messages against the destructive coal industry.
You can be part of this action by becoming a cyber activist who’ll be participating in the ongoing ‘virtual camp’ that coincides with this action. All you have to do is visit:, and write down your message of support for the climbrers, and your voice of opposition against coal.

Whereupon, after receiving your message the climbers will write down your message on the banners that they are hanging inside the pylons.

We are hoping for your support for this action, and to the cause of advancing the energy revolution in Southeast Asia.

For more information visit or

Spread the word about this cyber action!

Feel free to forward this message to your friends, or post it in blogs, online forums and friendster bulletin boards.

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