I am no genius

Ms Arroyo has announced she would release an extra P1 billion to boost military and police operations against the communists.

I didn't realize that we have that sum of money to start with. It's odd that we have that much altogether but its more odd that such an amount of money could be easily dispensed for buying weaponry, ammunition and the likes. How disproportionate it is that fundamental problems like hunger and affordable education has to go through a red tape of budget hearings and other delays while such a thing could easily be given funding.

Imagine for how many years has the AFP been asking for modernization and that so-called modernization has wreaked havoc for the education sector wherein funds are transferred to military expenditures.

I am no genius but I know that the threat of national security coming from the revolutionary left is but a backlash of misplaced priorities on the side of a government that peddles the interests of the first world and its financial institutions. I am no genius but I know that the economic perspective of the present administration and of the prevailing financial systems that impose their domination on the way we live.

I am no genius, but I have come to a realization that the president prefers to participate in war mongering by obtaining more arms for the already armed and reallocating money for the already under budgeted majority.

I am no genius. But I know that I'd never be on her side.

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