" I feel it when I sorrow most:

It’s better to have loved and lost

Than to have never loved at all."

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

To be honest I fear life right now.

I fear it because it makes me realize that its not all about me.

I fear it because others seem to hate me.

Wanting to hurt me, waiting there eager to pounce.

At that moment when they strike.

Again I fall.




It has been going on since I realize that there is such a thing called life, and learned to value it.

I might not have known it, should I have chosen to wallow in the delusion of myself.

Does it mean that life cant be realized until you feel pain?

Because in a way pain reminds you that you are alive.

And feeling pain makes you realize that it is better that you feel it.

For the absence of feeling is the overwhelming presence of death.

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