There must be a very good reason for an uprising if people who’ve chosen the apolitical path comes up with the realization that now’s the time again to hit the streets and call for an uprising. I know you might say that it seems a little bit too harsh but hey, the climate seems to be sliding into an impending oblivion on this side of the global south.

I know that most of us would argue that this has always been the way things are here in the Philippines. But please do get my point that them bloddy corporates always seem to get away with everything!

Please do excuse me for bleating mg angst at how the way things are turning out in here in the Philippines. It is seemingly apparent that the government never seemed to bother if environmental polluters like Petron and La Fayette Mining cause widescale ecological degredation all in the name of economics and “progress”.

So while the shores of Guimaras continues to be engulfed by the thick sludge of an almost month-old oil spill. While the waters of Albay gulf continue to be threatened by the poisonous discharges of the infamous mine in Rapu Rapu our government continues to keep such issues in the shelf, all with the livelihood of the locals communities dependent on them and the rich marine life hanging in the balance. I mean I am no genius nor do I contend to have the full grasp of the situation. But I distinctly believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way the government reacts and how the public brushes them off with apathy.

I could go further with this discussion, but I think that I’ll spare you the long and winding rhetorics pertaining to this issue.

Nonetheless, this is just one of the notable predicaments that prevails in the headlines and has been constantly blasted to the seemingly deaf ears of the public.