...as my ghost takes flight...

For as a dead man's carcass

Joins the ground

That once gave him life

So he too in gratitude

Responds by dying

Allowing the soil to embrace

And envelope him

Rigor mortis catalyzes

The shell that once

Hosted a lifetime of memories

That ended up

In the bouquet of flowers

That you picked beside the tombstone

So as death brings about an end

Does this end signal a new start?

First off i'm not sure if anyone still remembers when i said i was planning on creating a blog specifically for all the Greenpeace related stuff that i've put online well true enough its already up and running just this morning all you have to do is click on the handy-dandy screenshot of the blog to visit it. also i've just finished setting up a flckr accont which will be the new personal photo repository that'll replace my old bravenet one which haven't been updating for quite sometime now.
lastly i'm not sure if you've noticed that again i've updated the site's layout basically because i think the recent one sucked. anyways hope you like the new look. all for now...