help me make it through the night

it's really weird that i'm sitting here in the foot of a mountain enjoying the apparent comforts of wireless communication technology.

it's no secret that i'm really not as hyped to enjoying the trip nor the scenery as i should because i'm here in a state that could be best described in the line of an old ataris song called my hotel year which goes like:

"Alone, unknown... Yet fearing nothing but ourselves
Could be scarier than any crowded room.
I'm more alone with you than when I'm by myself. "

anyways it might just be an emotional outburst from my sick head that longs for the people i care for the people i love. i won't be here on my birthday, i'm almost broke and have a lot of idle time to kill...

...i'm missing jeanie. i miss my parents. i'm looking at the friendster profiles of everyone i love and have so far accomplished nothing but miss philippines all the more...

i won't be spending my birthday in manila as i have always done ever since i was born.

i can't be with my family; i've missed church; i miss my friends; my band and the pollution of the philippines, the slow moving jeepneys, the bad assed cab drivers, the noisy kids and everything in between.

it's almost midnight in manila. hopefully i'll make it through the night.

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