Faith and Theology: How (not) to preach the parables

I have for a long time been reading Ben Meyers' blog Faith and Theology because rarely do I come across Christian blogs that have theological depth, and his blog post today on is one of those posts that gives interesting insight and reflection.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

"It’s a curious thing that pastors often find it so difficult to preach Jesus’ parables. In truth, the only hard thing about the parables is that they are so simple, so straightforward in what they claim and what they demand. They are so simple that we need to make them difficult in order to escape the piercing gaze of Jesus. Or perhaps some pastors feel they need to soften the parables in a way that will protect the congregation from God. After all, it is God himself who bursts through these stories, coming on the scene with the unaccountable strangeness of a seed in the ground, with the disruptive suddenness of a thief in the night."
Read more on this link: Faith and Theology: How (not) to preach the parables

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