if john meyer's a pervert...then jack johnson's a douchebag!

I know I'm treading on dangerous ground here but to be honest I feel like I can no longer hide the disgust that I feel whenever I'd see those two on television or hear their music. Plain and simple I hate them I hate the way John Meyer disguises his perverted look at ladies by calling their bodies wonderlands, I hate Jack Johnson plainly because I think the world has had enough of the likes of him.

Funny thing is that I think people would expect more of me when addressing these two artists they'd say: "give them a chance and they'll grow into you..." but I hate them. Come to think about it I also hate Incubus and Jason Mraz but not as much as I hate John and Jack. I hate them in the same way that every Irish person that I meet hates U2 and Bono. They suck in my book plainly because I think they suck. In fact I found more reason to hate them when my bandmate, Ten mentioned that she saw a photograph of Jack Johnson wearing no socks to a pair of what seems like Sperry topsiders, I mean what year is this 1992?(!), maybe he just stepped out of his Mitsubishi Lancer or something.

I hope they die soon. I hope more people would choose to listen more to Bright Eyes, Rocky Votolato, Bob Dylan, Pedro the Lion or even Dashboard Confessional...

As for John Meyer I remember this episode in Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy where Chris under the influence of his living zit vandalized Goldman's Pharmacy with the phrase: "THAT'S ENOUGH JOHN MEYER"

Indeed that's enough John you're a pervert and I know it.

Maybe its time for everyone to start thinking that these two doesn't represent intelligent music.

They're just lousy posers.

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