Several things to do in the absence of Jen

I realized that I will be spending almost a year alone, without Jeanie.

Here are some things that I’ve thought of doing just to pre-occupy my attention from the lingering loneliness of her absence:

  1. Kill Boy Abunda – This is a no brainer, this fag has gone way to far in telling people how they ought to live their lives it’s time for his appointment with the Grim Reaper.
  2. Tell Kris Aquino that nobody gives a crap about her and her opinions – Perhaps this would require me to join her crappy game shows just so I could give her and her idiot opinions my 10 cents worth.
  3. Strangle Bamboo with a microphone cord – I’ve had enough of rock stars like this moron, (I mean isn’t Axl Rose, Fred Durst or Jon Bon Jovi enough?!). As a musician I’d like to reveal to the world that rock isn’t about being cool on stage while holding a microphone, it’s about playing an instrument on stage and about writing songs. In his case he lacks both, good thing once upon a time Rico Blanco had the right mind to fire him from Rivermaya (which by the way is the best example of a poser rip-off band).
  4. ‘Fire’ Donald Trump – I hate this asshole. His hairpiece is a monstrosity and common having to copyright everything related to him is downright cheapskate. Perhaps I ought to join The Apprentice and introduce him to my fist and his hairpiece to the garbage and then I’ll rip-off his catchphrase: “you’re fired”. Serves him right for being the capitalist scum that he is.

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