N.T. Wright's insight on Hell

Following up on J.I. Packer's take on hell I found this good insight from leading New Testament scholar N.T. Wright

Hell is the negation of fellowship with God

I first encountered J.I. Packer when my Sunday School teacher gave his book Knowing God as a prize for getting the highest score in our exams.

James Innell Packer is a British-born Canadian Christian theologian in the low church Anglican tradition. He currently serves as the Board of Governors' Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is considered one of the most influential evangelicals in North America.

In the end there's hope...

Who would have known that a German prisoner of war in a British camp during World War II, would eventually re-orient contemporary understanding of hope and eschatology into something that focuses on the hope that the resurrection brings.

This was the highlight of the theology of Jurgen Moltmann whose theology was formed out of his experience as a prisoner of war. It was also in the camps that Moltmann met Christian chaplains, was given the New Testament and Psalms to read, and had his first introduction to Christian theology. He gradually felt more and more identification with and reliance on the Christian faith. Moltmann later claimed, "I didn't find Christ, he found me."

John’s Gospel as Eschathon

The word Eschatology often invokes fear as it is often associated with the mystic symbolism of John’s apocalyptic visions of the end of the world in the Book of Revelations.

However I would like to suggest a more, well thought-of insight on eschatology that is – not merely looking at it as the doctrine of last things, or the end times, but also as the rebirth of creation as instituted by Jesus and continued by his disciples, a historical phenomenon, based on N.S. Fujita’s observation on the Gospel of John’s distinctive:

Kuya Danny

Last Sunday I attended the morning service and learned that Kuya Danny Asi just passed away...

It only took me now to process the thought of his passing.

Not many in Grace Bible Church remembers him now.

But I do.