Chernobyl 25 Years later: A stark reminder of Fukushima's future

To date, Chernobyl still stands as the world’s worst civilian nuclear accident. But the unfolding disaster in Fukushima, Japan, demonstrates that no amount of technological sophistication or safety culture can prepare any country or its people for the inherent dangers of nuclear energy.

Yesterday, I was among those Greenpeace activists in black cloaks and masks who took the message to the doorsteps of the Department of Energy, in a grim procession highlighting 25 of the world’s worst nuclear disasters that occurred between Chernobyl (1986) and Fukushima (2011). When all has been said and done, there is a human cost to nukes, especially in the incidence of a nuclear disaster. The Chernobyl disaster is a grim reminder of the tragic cost of nukes on the lives of people – a cost that they are paying until today.
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