Easter: When peace & justice embrace

At daybreak I heard something that came somewhat like an epiphany.

There in the midst of sunbeams breaking amidst the darkness, the speaker uttered: “shalom”.

Hebrews defined Shalom as a word meaning peace, completeness, and welfare. Its content bears more than language itself can contain in fact it can be understood as the whole essence of the transcendent message of the Christian scriptures, which means more than a state of mind, of being or of affairs.

One Day

I just finished watching the movie One Day, and it somehow led me into writing this, because the movie's theme of people defined and coming to terms with the nature of love and life itself as being ushered by a fateful day seems fitting for this occasion.

Some 2000 years ago  everything came to a halt. All frozen: heaven and hell; past, present and future; life and death itself--bound together in a dreadful hill to witness the outstretched arms of one who gave up the ghost and died the tragic death of a martyr for a noble cause.

There in that hill time froze and all came into pieces. It might be said that it was serendipity unrealized. A divine question mark in humanity’s history of tragic comedy.