A Call To Arms

This was originally posted at a forum in indiefilipino.com discussing the 911 attack, which I later on posted as a solidarity message for the growing anti-war movement on infoshop.org

October 5, 2002

This is a message to all Filipino’s all over the world to oppose the wide-scale agression of the United States of America against the free-world. This is a call for solidarity to all Filipinos and other nationalities that have been or are still exploited by the United States and its institutions that are part of its neo-imperialist mechananisms. For so long the United States have deceived my countrymen with its so-called ‘American Dream’ and its neo-liberal brand of Democracy which was adapted by its local pupets during the Commonwealth Government era of my country. And the outwright support of the Macapagal-Arroyo Administration has stirred concern from various radical political formations in the Philippines to oppose the pupetry of the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to GW Bushs’ call to arms against so-called global terrorism. Let us join the ranks of all the peace-loving who oppose the wide-scale call of the Bush Administration to declare war against almost (if not) all countires that are hostile to its foreign, military and economic policies and branding them as terrorists. It saddens me that my government is forgeting the injustices that the United States have done to our country and to other neighboring 3rd world nations. After seeing how the US Government used the 1st year comemoration of 911 has seized the opportunity to manipulate the trend of opinion and to rally more allies on its so-called war on terrorism, which poses the threat of a full-scale war in the Middle East has compelled me into writing this exposition as a voice of opposition and as a call for solidarity against all forms of wars of agression and retaliation. Don't get me wrong I do mourn and feel sorry for the victims of the 911 WTC incident. But the thing is that in a way the United States deserved it. They deserved it for the millions of people that died in their hands. Countless people have already lost their lives because of the imperialist interests of the US of A. The victims range from different walks of life, some fell victim to the economic sanctions that the United States and its other financial and economic institutions imposed on so-called members of the 'Axis of Evil'. Others are victims of the foreign economic and socio-political policies that it has imposed through the GATT-WTO, others are victims of its multinational and transnational corporations that plunder the natural resources and labor force of 3rd World Countries. And lastly others are victims of the United States countless wars of aggression towards people that dared to stand up to its tyranny. How many people did actually die due to the Agent Orange that they dumped on the water systems of Vietnam during the Vietnam War? How many of our early Filipino Patriots died during the Fil-Am War of the early 1900's? Did they ever thought about the waste of lives that they brought about in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the ending days of World War 2? Or did they ever felt guilty for those who died out of poverty due to the economic sanctions that they imposed on North Korea, Iraq, Cuba and Libya? How many indigenous cultures have been eliminated of the face of this planet because of the cultural imperialism of its common goods and commodities, that came in the guise of industrialization, assimilation into the market economy and forced migration. Aren't they also the ones who placed their so-called dictators into power? Who do you think gave Ferdinand Marco's the guts to declare Martial Law and suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus during the height of the Anti-Communist hysteria of the First Quarter Storm here in the Philippines? Didn't they used support Saddam during the Iran-Iraq War to topple the leader ship of Ayatollah? Why do you think is the reason that everytime the Peso-to-Dollar exchange rate rises It is because of our economy's dependence to the US Dollar. Weren’t Osama Bin Laden, his Al Queda and the Taliban once pawns of the United States during the Cold War against the Soviets? How many Palestinians have died or became refugees because of their support to the Zionist Fascism of Sharon in the Middle East? Have you read the news lately a number of Red Crescent volunteers died because of the miscalculations of their so-called ‘smart bombs’ and this incident wasn’t the first one a few weeks before that a number of Afghan civilians lost their live when a smart bomb accidentally bombarded a wedding banquet in Afghanistan. How many people exactly have died because of their race, political affinity, skin color, sexual orientation, and beliefs under the hands of Good Ol' Uncle Sam? How many Muslim’s have been victims of religious sectarianism that have been promoted by the United States right after the WTC bombings? To get to my point the United States act as if the blood of the victims of the World Trade Center bombings is not in their hands. They pretend to be fighting for Democracy, Liberalism and all other forms of moral self-righteousness at the expense of committing genocide daily. What’s even worse is when GW Bush drew the line between good and evil. Yes I do condemn terrorism in all its forms but I condemn acts of vengeance that are disguised as moral crusades for the greater good. To look at it at a revolutionary's perspective I would quote the words of a Filipino rebel leader that has always been a target of each puppet administration that have seated in the Philippines after the 1986 Edsa Revolt: "The terrorism of those responsible for the September 11 attacks is horribly unjust, but it is also unjust for the US government to engage in far larger acts of terrorism by using the...attacks as the pretext or license for misrepresenting as 'terrorists' the highly principled revolutionary forces and movements of national liberation, democracy and socialism." To conclude the issue of Global Justice is a sham under the pretext of the 911 incident, to support any act of war out of the pity that you felt for the victims of 911 is not justifiable and does not make you any different from the perpetrators of the WTC bombings. So let this be a call to arms to anyone and everyone that agrees with what is stated above regardless of their political affinity, race, class, sex, and religion to dare to stand up against the full scale war of agression that the United States will be launching against Iraq or any other nation for its imperialist intrests, it has been a known fact that the United States has the greatest reserve of arms in the whole world, and that its economy has always been based on the industry of creating nuclear, chemical, biological and any other form of weapons. It could be said that the real nature of the US declaration of war is the fact that a war would be a good jolt-up its withered economy that has been sinking due to the continuing crisis of global capitalism. FOr this I implore all peace loving citizens of this country or any country let us not be fooled by Uncle Sam's trechery as this band called the Jerks once put it let us no... "...Go not gently into the night. Rage against the dying of the light! Sing a song against this terrible sight.Rage until the lightning strikes!"

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