In Praise of Emo Game

emo game rules!!!

It serves as an existential retribution for people who have been so bored or otherwise been disenfranchised with all forms of consumer based nonesense and whatnots of the present MTV generation. Where else could you play a game where you could get nasty with Mandy Moore or get the chance to kill Kelly Osbourne, Creed, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, The Used, Fred Durst, Skelletor, Courtney Love etc, or get the chance to kick facists like Hitler, Saddam, and the most definitely evil and war mongering G.W. Bush, or get the chance to team up with you childhood heroes like Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, The GI Joe and not to mention Bob Saget.

Moreover there are at least four games available on the site and they are as follows:

Emo Game 1 where The Getup Kids get kidnapped by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and its up to Cedric Bixler of At The Drive In and the gang to save them.

Alkaline Trio Vs. Hell The band dies and goes to hell right after meeting Rose McGowan, God gives them a second chance at life provided that they kill He-Man's nemesis Skelletor.

Emo Game 2 Continuing the saga of emogame one features our heroes battling Enrique Iglesias & the cast of Friends.

The Anti-Bush Game The title says it all I guess, plus as a bonus this game can also be downloaded and played offline provided that your PC has a Macromedia Flash 5 installed in it.

All in all the game site never fails to give a sense of power to its players especially if you've experienced being called a geek, square, nerd, queer etc, this serves vengeance for those who've deprived you of justice.

Plus there is also this cool name that emo song portion on the Get Up Kids game where the show is hosted by Cobra Comander of GI Joe. It also has this cool soundtrack from Alkaline Trio, The Anniversary, Hot Water Music, Reggie & The Full Effect Among others. Another thing about this game is that it makes you stand out from the Ragnarok rippoff victims when you play it at Internet cafes.

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