New Graphics?

By now all you regular visitors of this site have already seen the new look of thist site, as well as in the changes over at Pinay Blood Rush.

And right now I'd just like to share to you the recent changes in this site as well as in Pinay Blood Rush as opposed to its old appearance well anyways there's nothing special about this really but I just want to show you the looks of the graphics that I've created for these two sites courtesy of the collective interaction of MS Word, MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop and ACDSee.

Anyways I hope this would be of value.

Here's the graphics that I've recently uploaded to Pinay Blood Rush

Just click on the image to see the whole picture.

The Logo

The Background

While here are the stuff that I've changed here at m35b

The Logo

This site started out with the basic Blog template that I used but within a span

of a few weeks I decided to personalize it.

And from there on I came up with a logo that at first looked like this:

But just yesterday I decided to turn it into something like this:

While for the background I customized it with a background that looks like this: And later on I changed it into something like this:

Anyways there's really nothing that special with these stuff but I don hope that you've found this post of value.


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