Pictures Hooray

Here's some pictures of me courtesy of Jeanie Derillo, Mark De Guzman, Laixander Naguit, Cedric Buenviaje, Reginald Unigo and Gato Borrero...

up on the roof with the whole word at our feet is this everything you thought it'd be you waited for religiously just know I wouldn't hate you if you try, you might, decide, to flight

try, you might, decide, its right

- Get Up Kids

On The Roof

Photo Taken By: Jeanie Derillo

This paint has been tasting of lead & their chips will fall as they may, but it's not just my finish that is peeling, & it is not alone fleeing these walls.

-Dashboard Confessional

Turpentine Chaser

Photo Taken By: Mark De Guzman& Laixander Naguit

all I have are the empty boxes to carry away your heart and I think that tonight I will sneak into your house and I'll sing songs and wake you up

-Saves The Day


Photo Taken By: Gato Borrero

Sitting straight, feeling faint. An exhausted smile screens my words, but I will hear them. Here's a phrase that we all know, but I can't make sense. I don't know words, but I will hear them. I still hear them.

-Alkaline Trio


Photo Taken By: Jeanie Derillo

looking back upon my life and the places that i've been pictures, faces, girls i've loved i try to remember when faded memories on the wall some names i have forgotten but each one is a memory i look back on so often


I Was There

Photo Taken By: Gato Borrero

There's a life ahead. Your time is coming. Don't let go tonight. I watched as you sat with a cigarette in your hand, holding a drink in the other, trying to drown all your pain... And I believe in you.-The Juliana Theory

Piano Song

Photo Teken By: Reginald Unigo

saw the stars fall from the sky And watched the tail lights fade away As the sun began to witness a new day.-The Ataris

My Hotel Year

Photo Taken By: Cedric Buenviaje

pregnant with the keys to your stick shift mood can't get yourself ignition can't get yourself ignition

-At The Drive-In

Skips On The Record

Photo Taken By: Gato Borrero

Photo Hosting Courtesy of Free Image Hosting

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