This Is The Second Day That I Am Living My Life As A 24 Year Old

I don't know really why, but as of this moment I don't feel that old to say the least I mean just yesterday I celebrated my birthday with Jeanie, as well as with my family and my buddy Laix and I must admit that the idea that I have been celebrating my 24th year of existence here on this tiny blue planet called Earth has made me realize that I am really that old. And that I am already way on my way to becoming 30 years old and so on, and as strange as it may sound I still somewhat feel that the day that I started out in high school very much still seemed like just a few ago and the day that I graduated from college seemed like yesterday and that don't feel that old at all though that may be a problem especially for those of you who are among the dogmatic crowd that says I ought to act my age and that the way I am living my life right now does not reflect my age as well as in the way that I dress or view the aspect of life in itself, I mean I still dress the way that I dress when I was still in college I still pretty much sport that sort-of 'punk' look which have been somewhat bastardized nowadays no thanks to Simple Plan, NFG and all those lousy New School Punks on Drive-Thru Records. I still adhere to the DIY ethic whereupon I live a life that is opposed to the norm that is dictated by the capitalist powers that be which is one of the reasons why after two years of living in the corporate world and at the same time becoming a part of its free trade mechanism I have still continued to presserve myself from being assimilated into the irrelevant oblivion of the yuppie culture that sorrounds me. And that is why I guess a lot of people are continually trying to drive their nail of 'you ought to act your age' into my thick skull. After all I still don't like to hear pop music, even if its what I hear all day here in the office, I still don't dress the way that the yuppie scums do though I wear the tie and coat but I can still manage to stand out by me constant refusal of wearing the torturous leather shoes that they all wear and instead show favor to my trusty sneakers and skate shoes. I still buy my clothes in second hand shops in Cubao, and I still haven't entered a disco even a beer house nor a pub. So if people would be basing the acting of one's age to those abouve said standards wouldn't it make sense that those are the exact reasons why our country is so down on the drain right now we are all under the spectacle of hedonistic self-gratifications and corporate market values as dictated by the mainstream media? We have all ceased the idea of youthfull innocence and replaced it with a misguided value system of merely trying to compensate ourselves with the notion that we control our lives and we can live it as much as we want to at the expense of defining it as maturity. But if we'd look at it closely we are no less than mere victims of the powers that are making us live our lives to be merely drifting to any tide of fashion, lifestyle, culture and the like. And right now as I look at the event that transpired in my birthday yesterday I find it no coincidence that God allowed me to obtain two such meaningful Christian books C.S. Lewis', The Great Divorce and Paul E. Little's, Know What You Believe, which as I belive are two great doctrinal books that could help us in assessing how we are living our lives right now in a manner that is more profound than Rick Warren's Purpose Driven since the two books are more grounded in the aspect of Biblical Scriptures which is basically the only revolutionary book that has ever been in existence and since those two books speaks more on doctrine rather than appeal to our emotions, and since this country is a nation that boasts of its identity as a Christian nation I guess these two books are worthy of our attention because it appeals to the Christian side in everyone of us who seeks to affirm what we profess to believe in but also to question the way we live our lives at the present. And if you ask me now that is a sign of maturity, so I guess those two books would be of greatest relevance now that I am starting out on living my life that's worth of my age.

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