To Experience A Blood Rush Is To Experience Being Human

Today is indeed a day that's fitting for celebrations. I know that it has been quite a while since I've posted since I have a ton of work to do and that I also don't have access to the net on weekends, but nevertheless I'm back here spilling my guts to all of you whom I practically continue to bug with my rantings and loathings in life. As for celebrations.

My father's celebrated his birthday just yesterday and as of 2:oo AM of June 20 Pinay Blood Rush's gears have come into full swing as with the publishing of its posts here at blogspot.

I tried to look at the dictionary meaning for the term 'blood rush' to my surprise there isn't one none that I know of anyway. But instead the dictionary querry came up with the definitions of the two words namely: Blood & Rush

Blood taken in the abovegiven context basically translates to this: temperament or disposition.

While Rush given in light of what is written above could be defined as the swift release of a store of affective force.

And what does this mean basically since this is a blog this translate to the personal extasy that one experiences at certain points in their lives, and as some would say they are very few.

But I would beg to differ, perspectives may vary when one's life basically goes through the motions of routine and adheramce to the consistent patronizing of linearity, but one must come to grasp the idea that everyday is not as relative to the day before as it would be to the day after.

It makes your head itch doesn't it?

Well it should I meant it that way so that we won't just go with the motions, though I know a lot of you who are reading this as of the moment are irritated with the notion that I am manipulating you to change your viewpoint of the world to one that is akin to mine. I apologize for that, but I guess the real reason behind all this is that I just want to remind all of you that each day is unique in itself and that we need to look at things in light of counting our blessings, and looking past the notions that contemporary society and the norm has set up for us, because we often busy ourselves with merely goingh through the flow of living our lives one day at a time, aimlessly drifting to the tide of fads, and routine we might as well secede from our humanity and forfit our free will for we are no better that robots. Now what does this have to do with 'blood rush'?

Think about what you're feeling right now?

Didn't I mention earlier that this is supposed to make your head itch?

Well don't you get it?

The itching of your head is basically the sensation of blood flowing to the cervixes and nerve impluses of your brain, due to a sudden rush of information.

Thus the itch is the immediate result of a rush of blood stimulated by the stuff that you're reading here and I say that to feel that itch is good because it reminds me of being human and that's exactly how I feel when I glanced at Pinay Blood Rush which is authored by my beloved Jeanie who for obvious reasons is way better than I am at translating her thoughts into words so if you have the time please do visit her blog by clicking here----->(Blog) and try to ponder the thoughts written there in light of what I've written here.

Today is 12 noon here at the office and another 12 hours from now would be the dawn of another now think about this would you view tomorrow as another day to go through the sequence of going through the husstles and busstles of everyday living or would you welcome it as the beginning of the rest of your life?

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