Alt+Print Screen = Control Alt Delete

We talked about God

When you fixed the PC

That I was using

One December afternoon

Then I asked your number

And then your e-mail address

That's how I text you

And shared my life with you

A few weeks ago

We sat on a bench

To waste our time

You laughed as I spoke

You told me I fulfiled a wish

We drank on the same cup of iced tea

I find you kind of cool

What is it with you

That makes us worlds apart

You fix computers

I write letters

No common thread to bind

I hate the thought of losing you

Because I still relish the tought

Of me and you side by side

Slowly walking in the mall

Or when we both enjoyed

That elevator joy ride one time

You're sight's still vivid

When you waved goodbye

And cracked a smile

As I descend from the escalator

But I don't know

What has happened

When the weeks

Have come and gone

You looked so tired

Don't know if you noticed

The times I gave a smile

Maybe you're just busy

But I just can't see

The whole point of this

You just ignore me

Like I am nothing

But a carbon based particle

Now I try so hard

To keep my pain and angst

All to no one but myself

SO I hope you got to cook

The recipe you asked for

Alt Print Screen that's how we started

Please don't let it be a Control Alt Delete

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