Remember The Past

I have been long thinking of this sort of post and the catch here is just that at the start or better yet the end of a month I'd be posting a list of my past blogs that I think are worth reading and I guess this is quite late for June already but just the same I hope its not too late.

Well here are the blogs that I think would be quite fascinating reads they all come from the month of June & May. Enjoy.


Something From Me To You

A Call To Arms

National Liberation Or Imperial Domination?

Uniting for Peace Resolution

Breeding Ground For Terrorists?

A Requiem To Life Is Trying


To Experience A Blood Rush Is To Experience Being Human

On The Jologs Phenomenon

Packaged Rebellion Anyone?

In Praise of Emo Game

Pictures Hooray

Freedom Is About Living Free

A Childlike Response To The Nearness Of You

What on Earth is M35B Anyway?

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