Saturday: Just A Few Hour & Counting

I'm really looking forward to this weekend since not a single one of them has been quite much of a dissapointment for the past few months. Anyways I hope I'll find the time to workout on the development of this site's link portion as well as in the overall appearance of it. Another is that this post is also a cause for celebration since non bloggers can now post their comments since louie of louiboi.blogspot taught me how to finally activate hy haloscan account which I have also installed at Pinay Blood Rush which is good because I've heard a lot from people who are visiting the blog who are interested in posting their comments but cannot. By the way I hope you aren't tired of browsing at my quiz results since I am a self-confessed addict of proving my intellect online so by the way just see them for yourself.

By the way please visit by monday because I'll be posting the best stuff (I think) that I've posted for the month of July since I've just established this 'tradition' last month.

As Lovers Go
You are AS LOVERS GO. You're in love with someone
who either has no clue or is overly cautious.
It's not that they don't like you -- they're
either scared or unaware, so either reassure
them or let them know.

What Saves The Day song are you?

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You are Hold. You love/loved someone very much, you
find yourself lost without that person.
However, you are a deep thinker and often find
yourself needing to be alone. You are smart
enough to know that life is beautiful but all
you want more than anything is for that someone
to love you.

Hey Dude! Start your horse and come along, you're
one happenin' dude. Don't get lost out on the

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

cute with the 'e'
You are "Cute without the 'e'"

According to the

Which Something Corporate Song Are You? Test...

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