three subjects one post (another introspective look at musical genres)

I hope these two pieces written here would be of value to those who are into the last post that I placed regarding emo. Thanks.

point 1 What Genres- Sakin siguro more or less anything that has to do with punk rock ayos sakin. WHether it be old-school, emo, ska, hardcore (not that Slapshock immitation), crust, oi among others cool sakin.

Ok din goth pero yung not related sa metal na goth yung Cure-type di Type-o-Negative.

Saka indie in vein with Blur, Stereophonics among others.

Cool din Christian music tulad nina United Live, Hillsong, Matt Redman, DC Talk, Delirous, Sonicflood, Vineyard saka Passion.

Last din mod saka raggae kool din.

Ayos na po ba yon?

point 2 On Punk Rock's Contribution To Metal Music

- Yes indeed metal is one of the most complex styles in music today. But

we must also understand that it is also because it is somewhat of an

amalgam of other genres that fused metal with their own specific genres.

Like how Slayer gave such imolation as to how punk rock influenced them

specifically DRI a Houston band that developed the term crossover by

infusing Judas Preist riffs with traditional LA Hardcore punk.

Or how Metallica paid homage to Discharge an early 80's British punk

band that crossed over to thrash metal territory along with the


Or how Industrial and black metal is one one way or another influenced

by such gothic bands as The Sisters of Mercy.

Or how Megadeth's screech is influenced by Johnny Rotten's Sex Pistols.

Or how the Ramones paved the way for Motorhead's fast paced in your face beats.

Or how these so-called Nu Metal bands musical style could be traced to Aerosmith's collaboration with Run DMC, or how they could be also traced down to Tool, Biohazard and Faith No More.

I suppose you already understand what I'm trying to say here.

I don't know if what I'm saying here really makes sense but I can say that I like punk rock more than any other style in music.

point 3 On Contemporary So-Called "Punk" Rock Or Power Pop To Be Exact- believe the term power pop started with that cheesy classic rock group called Cheap Trick, which basically laid the foundation for that.

Though I suppose the power pop genre originated with those late 60s garage bands like the Sonics, Dead Boys and MC5, which later on progressed into punk rock where in time the Ramones in the USA and the Buzzcocks in the UK eventually laid groundwork for a more melodic movement in punk called pop punk which basically became the trademark sound of such bands

as the Descendents, Screeching Weasel, and all those other punk bands that played melodic songs.

The Simple Plan, Busted or Avrile Lavigne phenomenon was for that matter in one way or anothre could be blamed on Blink 182's incorporating of Travis Baker former drummer of the ska-punk band Aquabats. Who

basically replaced Scott Raynor Blink's origial drummer and played drums for their album Enema of the State which is basically very different from the

original Blink 182 sound that has this edgy, fast and somewhat emoish structure similar to that of MxPx and Face to Face's Big Choice album more over its drumbeat became somewhat more complex with the addition of slow breakdowns and peculiar works on the cyballs making the song appeal also to those who are into pop music plus it also had this big

mindless hit called "All the Small Things".

Which as of this moment makes any song from Sum 41, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, FenixTX, Good Charlotte, Lit, and American Hi-Fi remind me

of Blink 182's All the Small Things in fact it got so big that even early 90s punk band The Offspring tried to get into that power pop-punk bandwagon with their song "Want You Bad" in their Conspiracy of One album.

So I suppose all this Simple Plan, Avrile Lavigne mess is all Travis Baker's fault he may be a good drummer but he also produced a legion of pop bands who augment poser-punk aesthetics and anti-social packaged rebellion on their songs.

Please do forgive me for the angst.

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