Victory for Dela Cruz ; Eulogy To Falco


After a couple of weeks the Iraqi militants that have taken custody of Angelo Dela Cruz has finally released him and that goes to show that our prayers have not been in vain and also of how such a single man would be used to a change of foreign policy here in the Philippines, may those who prayed and those who have engaged in the militant assertion of opposing our country's support for US-imperialism look at this event as a signal to rebuild from the ashes of a tragedy that by God's grace ended in triumph.

On a sadder note, for those of us who grew up in the 1980s some of us might have heard of the name Falco. If in any case you don't know him he is more famous for this song called 'Rock Me Amadeus', which goes like:

Rock me Amadeus

Amadeus Amadeus

Rock me Amadeus

Well anyways this song was one of the very few songs that I could still remember from back then when music videos can only be watched on Casey Casem's America's Top 10, Video Hit Parade and Video Hot Tracks and it was the video of this song that I could still remember as one of the the very few videos that were made just for the fun of it and for that matter made it cool, and I could still remember me imagining myself as one of those party crashing people composed of mohawked punks, goths, easy riders, freaks and ghoulies marching over to this silly sort of medieval tea party, chanting: 'rock me Amadeus'. And that when I was still in high school I'd purposely watch MTV Classics just to catch a glimpse of that video as well as other notable videos from The Cure, Madness, The Clash and Human League simply because I would want to relive the happy music of my childhood courtesy of my older brother's Hitachi tape deck.

Falco died last February 6, 1998 due to a car accident, just as I was about to finish high school. This requiem may be late to serve as a tribute for such a now considered New Wave/New Romantic artist that have influenced groups such as New Order, Electronic, The Petshop Boys and The Bloodhound Gang (they even had they're own version of Rock Me Amadeus). But I know that it is not yet too late to say that I am grieved by the fact that a part of my childhood died also, but rest assured that the legacy of his influence in the way I enjoyed music as a kid would never be forgotten.

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