Vox Populi Cubao

Just yesterday me and Jeanie went out to visit Cubao after a long time of absence in the area.We visited it to shop for second hand clothes where we were able to be there just in time for its 50% off sale on all garments.We later on visited Ali Mall which basically no longer has the shops that we used to visit and that it has mostly clossed down a lot of the shops there that have in their one way played their parts in our lives once upon a time.But all that changed when we visited the new Shopwise located at the former building of fiesta carnival and well it also reminded me of the fondest childhood memories I've had at the Carnival when I was a kid, but at the same time I've also found joy in it now that its been converted mainly because of the fact that as me and Jeanie explored the place we were able to see a lot of happy families that are there together doing their grocery and we both had a lot of memories to share to you with regards to our memories of going to the grocery with our parents when we were kids.And I am glad that in these times that there are still places that are accessible to parents and kids where they could enjoy each other's company without one of them compromising their fancies. And that its nice to know that more people are benefiting from the conversion of the old carnival into a grocery since before the carnival moved to its new location  (just a few blocks away from the old one), the place was a mess and that the only ones hanging there are scumbags and other people and that it no longer makes itself safe for kids to go to so I guess now more people are benefitting from it, but it could also be considered that a lot of childhood things and that other people have lost income in the conversion of the place, and for that I have mixed emotions about its conversion and also on the present rennovation of the Cubao area.So again if it were a question of whether change is good I guess for those of us who grew up with the old Cubao we better visit it ourselves and see the difference.

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