I can remember the time when I was in elementary when I'd be happy come wednesday since it signals the approaching of the weekend. Though it wasn't that way last wednesday I could still say that this weekend (again) was worth writing about.

Saturday was one of the coolest days though I didn't get to spend that much time with Jeanie, but still it was day where I was able to put my life to praise God and spend time to hang out with my friend Laix who to my surprise has really taken the initiative to go to the youth service that we attend on Saturdays, which basically led to a realization that God gave me to continue to persevere in my walk with Him. After the service we both went to Tandem to pay a visit to our punk cohorts there where we got a chance to see of cool new records at Radiation Area.

And later on we had a glass of ice water in Ever wherein also I begged for a glass of ice at the Jollibee there. Which we later topped by walking from Recto to Nagtahan where we got to talk about stuff concerning our faith. Where later on I got the chance again practice bass guitar at church which ended quite fine, and I was also cheered by the fact that we now have a saxophone player with us.

But the downside there was that I lost all my money that on my way home I walked all the way from Anonas to Sikatuna which measures about 1.5 kilometers. WHen I got home I was greeted with the apparent release of Angelo Dela Cruz whom I dedicated a post earlier. But the apparent serenity ended when a fire broke out a this house accross the street where it took 3 hours for the firemen to put out. Which ended up with me being late for the praise & worship at church I arrived and they were already half-way through the songs that we practiced the day before and I was quite ashamed of myself since it reflected the fact that I wasn't giving God that much of a priority in my life, but all went okay again when I attended Sunday School where a lot of things concerning the doctrine of repentance was cleared to me thanks to the discussion given by Pastor Lito & Pastor Jong who were there filling in for the absence of our teacher Kuya Ponch. Later I had lunch at Jeanie's house where I also spent the afternoon to eat qiquiam and mojako chicharon while talking with Jeanie and her cousin Tutoy, and also she popped my zits that same afternoon and to top it off I got a chance to take a 5 hour nap. And later on I ate supper watched an HBO movie and had a latenight talk with Jeanie and again slept.

Which eventually led me to sitting here right now.

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