Why Am I Not Pulp Magazine Reader?

I know that this would hurt a lot of those counter culture buffs but with regards to the vanity promoted by Pulp Magazine what is written here must be said.

First of all I am not a fan of Pulp, their magazine is too expensive for my budget. Plus I think they're so into hyping up artists or music fads among others, not to mention their lousy reviews of records that can only be bought at this overpriced record bar called Tower Records which I find to suck because they always try to cash in on kids who want to hear stuff that aren't released here in the Philippines. I don't find their articles worth reading in a sense because, they at times

inconsistent and they only write about the NU 107 rock-culture. I hate their use of explicit photographs becasue it makes the struggles of women who want to empower themselves seem like a sham, another thing is that I find the photograph of people there with mutilated if not decapitated body

parts of dead animals kind of disturbing. ANother thing is that what is it with the oily skins of everyone who's photograph was able to grace

its glossy pages? Call me biased or whatever but I really think that a majority of mainstream magazines in the shelves right now lack substance and lacks stuff that are readable.

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