It's quite comforting that just yesterday I finally was able to have my salary, since I've been living in such a low budget for quite sometime now, and its again nice that I got the chance to have a nice meal with Jeanie, Meg and Aga. Where we shared a pizza meal at Pizza Hut, where as we enjoyed each other's company they Jeanie, Meg and Aga got the chance to brainstorm about their planned youth camp for their cell group in Adamson.

Where later as they left to stroll on the mall I was also able again to have my weekly Bible Study with Aga which got on hold for the past two weeks due to our hectic sched but it was nice to see that we are back on track again, so on we went with the study, I shared to him about the doctrine of salvation which centers around Christ's death and ressurection on the cross of calvary, which was very timely since I've just finished Paul Little's Know What You Believe where I got a far more deeper understanding of the above said doctrine. Then again as it have been on the past it was as far as I'm concerned another working of the Holy Spirit since I was again able to shed off my natural introvert complex as I discussed the topic with him as well as I got to explain and expound on answering his questions pertaining to what I am teaching which I am not so as good at most of the time.

And it was nice to know also that Aga has also been doing his own personaly study with regards to church doctrine since we got to talk about the 95 Theses of Martin Luther that led to the Protestant Reformation.

I belive that there are more meetings to come where we'd both be learning something new from the Scriptures.

After the Study me and Jeanie boarded this old taxi cab with a driver whom I later came to learn was a freelancing news correspondent to DZRH who also thought of sharing his anxieties towards his wife with me and his most unlikely proposed solution, to get a new wife via asking me for celphone numbers of "chicks" that he'd be textmates with which I find kind of creepy since he's a man way past his testosterone overload for crying out load, but then again who am I to judge him on that, and apart from it I also learned that he is somewhat colorblind since he finds it hard to distinguish whether it is stop or already go in the traffic light not unless he'd see other cars overtaking our cab. But nevertheless the ride was pleasant and I was able to get home in time to watch NYPD Blue with my father and got the chance to help Jeanie on the phone in writing a memo for her friend. So I guess yesterday ends well and is worth writing about.

I hope you've found this piece sort of enlightening. THanks.

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