Beyond What Is Logical

To be perfectly honest this post was borne out of the constant assailance of self-proclaimed skeptics of the validity of Biblical scripture so the verses that I have written below basically speaks how I feel about the skepticism exhibited by the nihilists, agnostics and other self-professed vanguards of free thinking and their hedonistic brand of morals.

I'm sick and tired

Of living on educated guesses

Science says that all is theory

Until proven otherwise

Paradigm shifts are a scientific fact

So that means that all the words

We use to explain the world we live in

Are all theoretical and cannot be equaled

By the validity of the Scripture

That has beaconed the path beyond

What is logical

So how then should we go about it

Keep ourselves confined on the contemporary

Definition of the ways things work and how?

By all means no.

Keep in mind this single book that survived

The test of time and has witnessed changed lives

Which resolves far more significant issues of the heart

And where we'd be spending our lives

After we've ventured beyond death's icy hand

This book that tells the story of the man

Who has beacond the path of life beyond

What we would see as logical.

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