Error 404

I couldn't believe what was before my eyes when I opened my blog, all of the images that I uploaded at during the past 2 weeks were all on 404 status which means that they're not online at the moment. So what I did was look it up on the host's site and as it turned out the host server at in Hongkong is down and that all the images stored there are 'temporarily' unavailable and there is this tiny probability that they might be lost but hopefully they won't because if indeed they get lost I might just have to upload all of them images again and hopefully in a new and better free photohosting site, but according to the site I just have to give it a few days to be back again and I sure hope that by that time I'll be able see the images again in the blog as well as in Pinay Blood Rush and at luiboi's blog I just hate the way that this thing makes me feel so helpless and I know that this is way to shallow for me to whine about, but nonetheless I hope that the images that I have at will be back soon.

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