Ground Breaking Music?

I find it hard to believe that there are still ground breaking music

out there that has yet to be discovered. I think the good old rock and

roll formula has reached its terminous. Nevertheless there are still some

artists whose music are still worth checking out.

One of them is this band called Refused who's album The SHape of Punk

to Come clearly blows my mind.

Another is Snapcase mainly because of their sheer wierdness and utter

disregard for mixing styles that range from formulaic punk to bad hair

metal song structures.

There is also the Dillinger Escape Plan, whose music I cannot find any

words that would describe it.

Lastly there is the International (Music) Conspiracy whose situationist

punk style mixed with funk and their adherence to Socialism really

gives me utter bliss upon hearing their songs.

I do not know about you people but I think these artists are still

worth hearing despite the fact that they're not that groundbreaking. Though

I don't know really there is this thing called paradigm shifts maybe

this is also applicable in music. What do you think?

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