I'm At Work Right Now And Everybody Else Is At Home

I really wish that I'm not here right now.Before heading of to work the government have already called for the suspension of classes in all levels as well as the suspension of work for all government offices. But the sad thing though is that I am not working for the government, and the fact that despite the hiatus of the downpour yestrerday without even a hint of refrain this office still continued its operation. Well anyways I wasn't able to go to work yesterday so that's the reason why I haven't posted that recently and another is that I'm really having a difficult time with composing my posts.By the way just this Monday me and Jeanie were able to attend the necrological services of her good friend and thesis advisers' father, and I was again reminded of my mortality and how I should make the most out of the one I'm living right now.Another is that I'm glad that Jeanie was able also to overcome the discouragement that she got from other believers that she's come across and that she now has a renewed sense of purpose in continuing her ministry and I really would like to take this opportunity to commend her for that.Lastlly I've now been able to create two more new pages for this blog the only problem is that I haven't come to publish its link buttons on this blog yet but you could visit it by going to the links that I've posted below, another is that the literary folio page has already been set-up the only problem is the formatting of the page and that it still has a lot of kinks that I stil need to work out on and that there are still some works that I still have in my PCs hard drive at home that I haven't copied here yet and then there's also a dozen more or so articles that I've still got to encode in the PC, but the good thing is that since I wasn't at work yesterday I was able to finish typing a couple of those that I'm planning to add to the folio (an article and a short story) and there was also this very long prose that I've already began to encode just yesterday and hopefully the backlog would be worked out as soon as possible as for the graphic portfolio I'm still quite not in the position to start it yet since most of my artworks are freehand and manual collages that still need to be scanned but hopefully that'll also be finished any time soon.So I hope you'll be kept posted.

By the wa here's the two new added pages:

My Lobotomy Results

My Literary Portfolio

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