mInutes of the meeting

Apparently I am again late but its really nice to see that the site is working all well as opposed to yesterday.

Well last night our department here in the office had a meeting with our project director and he congratulated us that the client website that we're maintaining applauded us for doing a very excellent job at maintaining their website and for efficiently being able to edit its content for online uploading in real time.

Another is that there is our project leader who is sort of a facsist-type of a character who is giving all of us a very hard time with non-work related policies is leaving our project by the following month which is a welcomed change because a lot of us here at our department have become too weary of her nazi policies on a lot of things and that the one who is replacing her is someone who has a lot of credit due to her, because she has always been the unseen hand that navigated the continious processing of the site updating and has also been our morale officer at times of discouragement and whom all of us at our department respects because of her conviction and for her courage in standing up for our teams welfare.

Another cool thing about the meeting is that the project director treated us with Yellow Cab pizza which unfortunately I was only able to partake of 2 slices but nevertheless it was nice that I got to eat them since those pizza's really cost a fortune and that a whole pizza like that could have already fed my family for an entire day. Though the meeting was sort of cool it also has its downside on me since it addressed my tardiness and I admit that its really my fault that I take up so many idle time at home while I'm preparing to leave for work.

But all in all the meeting was cool.

To be honest I'm not quite sure why I am making a post about this meeting which could be read by a lot of you people out there but anyways I hope you'll excuse me for doing this. Thanks.

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