My Thanks To Bob Kane

Just yesterday I got to read this opened Trade Paperback compilation of Batman: Black & White which features a lot of self-contained Batman stories and art from Art Kubert (Conan The Barbarian); Brian Bolland (Camelot 3000, Batman: The Killing Joke); Ted McKeever (Doom Patrol, The Extremists); Matt Wagner (Sandman Mystery Theatre, Grendel); Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Death: The High Cost of Living); Chuck Dixon (Robin, Detective Comics, Birds of Prey); Denny O'Neil(longtime Batman editor); Bruce Tim (Batman The Animated Series, Justice League Animated and Superman Animated); Archie Goodwin (Armageddon 2001) among others as well as pinup art from Jim Lee (WildCATS, Gen 13).

And all in all it was a very good comic book complation and though I have read only 3 stories from it (Neil Gaiman's, Ted McKeever's and Brian Bolland's) I could say that I'd be interested in buying it but the only problem I see is that its too expensive imagine a comic book costing P999 which amounts to almost (if my calculations are correct) 20% of my salary!

So for now I'd be contented in visiting that open book at Powerbooks daily and read at least one story a day so I'll be able to finish it while its still opened.

Now another thing is that I would also like to take this time to give tribute for the man who made the Batman legend all possible for all these artists to explore and who's character's to expound on; as well as for all the producers, directors and actors to give life to on the silver screen.

He is Bob Kane he past away last 1998.

He was a teenager when he sought work at DC Comics in 1938 (during the time when Siegel & Shuster's Superman made his debut at Action Comics). That's where he collaborated with writer Bill Finger on creating Batman which made its debut on Detective Comics #27.

Anyways I do not know a lot of details pertaining to his career but one thing I am sure of is that up until the making of those lousy George Clooney Batman movies he still played an active role in the Batman mythos along with Batman editor Dennis O'Neil (creator of Ra's Al Ghul and reponsible for the Batman/Robin (Dick Grayson) breakup).

And looking at that alone makes me admire him for truly giving his heart for the character he created and for being generous enough to allow a number of creators like Doug Moench (Knights End Saga); Frank Miller (The Dar Knight Returns); Alan Moore (The Killing Joke); Len Wein (creator of the second Robin); Jim Starlin (Death In The Family); Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum, Gothic); Marv Wolfman (Lonely Place of Dying) to further enrich the character of Batman in ways that were able to capture the wildest imagination of its readers.

I read that he died of a longtime illness and I hope that though it might be late, this post will serve as another fan's tribute to the creator of a legend that has become a household name to kids and people like me around the world. For the cape and the cowl and the Batman's conviction not to take a life and for his effective method in striking fear and terror to the hearts the superstitious cowardly lot of the underworld, I give Bob Kane my regards.

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