By the way for those of you who've been browsing this Blog for quite sometime now, you may have noticed that there is always this person who've been posting comments on this blog (even way back when this site was still in its formative stages)that goes by the codename luiboi well anyways he's the webmaster of his own blog, and he'll be celebrating his 20th birthday and I for one would like to take this opportunity to wich him a Happy Birthday and that I'd also like to thank him for helping me out with developing this site particularly with its comments feature way back when it was still not subscribed to haloscan, another is for our interesting talk with regards to our posts as well as with comic books, and html tags, and for all the other stuff that pertaining to him I appreciated as well as being part of this blog and for being a fellow blogger who's knowledge have grown while spending our time in this place in the Net. Thanks dude.

It's really quite nice that God has ways of making people smile, like how upon my arrival here at the office just this morning I was indeed overjoyed with the fact that a Smokey's hotdog chain has just opened a branch here in our building, which again brings me back with memories of the times me and Jeanie ate their hotdogs at this park outside Ayala Museum before it bacame this new Greenbelt park, another is that it has

also been an alternative luncheon place for me way back when I was still an unemployed graduate that has been constantly in rotation around the Ayala vicinity looking for work.

Lastly I've also just recieved my Philhealth ID a few minutes ago and that it has approved both of my parents as qualified dependents which means we'd be able to get healthcare benefits from the government

if in any case we'd get sick.

By the way if ever you'd be interested m35b is also listed now at the Philippine Blog Awards Site where it has also been nominated, another is this blog has also been listed at the Emo And Love webring where it could be browsed by clicking at their link exchange icon on the bottom of this blog. And if it would be of any value to you the links page of this blog has also been updated since I have long since forgotten when

I last updated its links I've added the church that Meg of Ghostwriter Meg attends in as well as the personal page of my friend Mark De Guzman as well as a few dozen sites that are of your interest.


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